Advance Care Directives

An Advance Health Care Directive (also called a ‘Living Will’) is a legally binding document made while a person has the mental capacity to do so. In Saskatchewan, to have capacity means that a person is able to understand information about a health care decision, able to understand the consequences of making a decision based on that information, and is able to communicate a decision. An Advance Health Care Directive speaks to a limited range of health care decisions and comes into effect only when a person lacks capacity.

Making an Advance Health Care Directive is optional and some people may be happier to leave these decisions to others. However, there are advantages to making an Advance Health Care Directive. It informs your family, friends, health care professionals, and appointed proxy/proxies about your treatment wishes when you lack the capacity to make health care decisions.

The Proxy Forms and Advance Care Directives below are legally binding once they are filled out, signed and dated by a competent person over the age of 18. You are encouraged to share them with those closest to you and with your health care team so they know and understand your wishes.

Advance Care Directives

Faith-based Advance Care Directive

Advance Health Care Directive - Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan - PDF document

Advanced Care Directive of the former Saskatoon Health Region

Advance Health Care Directive Saskatoon Health Region - PDF document

Proxy Forms

Defining Common Terms (from the Canadian Cancer Society)