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Ways to donate

  • Donate Online Now  

  • Print and mail or fax our donation form
  • Call or email us at 306-655-5821 or or learn more about types of gifts below.
  • Visit us at St. Paul's Hospital, 1702 20th Street West in Saskatoon.  

Types of Gifts

You can choose to make a one time gift, give Monthly through our convenient Circle of Angels Monthly Giving Program, make a Planned Gift through a potentially tax beneficial Gift of Shares or Mutual Funds.  You could also create an Endowment where the principal of your gift is held for a minimum of 10 years and earnings are allocated annually to a program or area in the Hospital you would like to support. Or you could leave a Legacy for Tomorrow through a gift in your will, a gift of life insurance, a gift of RRSPS or RRIFS. 

Are you a business? Consider sponsoring one of our events, provide an in-kind gift, or set up business or corporate giving. Contact the Manager of Annual Giving at 306-655-5832. 

Volunteer & Participate

If you would like to volunteer your time by helping at the Foundation office, in the St. Paul's Hospital Gift Shop, or on an Event Committee or if you would like to engage your employees in Business or Corporation giving, please contact our office for more details.