Our Leadership

St. Paul's Hospital is independently owned by Emmanuel Care and was founded by the Grey Nuns over a century ago, in 1907.

St. Paul's Hospital Board of Directors 2016-2017 

Our volunteer Board of Directors oversees governance of St. Paul's Hospital on behalf of our owners.

  • Robert (Bob) Kirkpatrick - Past Chair                             
  • Lise de Moissac - Chair
  • Chris Boychuk – SPH Foundation Board Chair
  • Daryl Bazylak
  • Dr. Bruce Berscheid
  • Mr. Gene Dupuis
  • David Eberle
  • Dr. Sarah Oosman
  • David Patola
  • Sr. Emiline Pena
  • Doug Schmeiser
  • Mary Donlevy-Konkin – Emmanuel Care Representative
  • Dr. Hugh Wood

St. Paul’s Hospital 2016–2017 Board Members

Seated (l-r): Darryl Bazylak; Bob Kirkpatrick, Past Chair; Sr. Emiline Pena; Dr. Hugh Wood

Back Row (l-r): Dr. Sarah Oosman; Gene Dupuis; Pina Melchionna; Don Tofin, Emmanuel Care; David Eberle; Doug Schmeiser; Chris Boychuk, SPH Foundation Board Chair; Lise de Moissac, Chair; Dr. Bruce Berscheid; Jean Morrison, President & CEO

Missing: Mary Donlevy-Konkin, Emmanuel Care Representative

St. Paul's Hospital President and CEO

Jean Morrison officially assumed the responsibilities of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of St. Paul's Hospital on February 15, 2009. Ms. Morrison has over 25 years of experience in health care, having held diverse senior positions in the Saskatchewan healthcare system, including the position of Vice President of Performance Excellence and Chief Nursing Officer, Saskatoon Health Region, prior to arriving at St. Paul's Hospital.  Ms. Morrison also serves on the Board of Directors for a number of provincial and national organizations, including the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, and Accreditation Canada.

With a degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, and both a Master's of Nursing and a Master's of Health Services Administration from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Jean has also worked in a variety of roles and settings in the health system - as a special care aide in a long term care facility; as a registered nurse in a hospital in Saskatoon; as a public health nurse in rural Saskatchewan; and as a health administrator in Nunavut, rural Saskatchewan and Saskatoon.

Jean brings an in depth knowledge and appreciation for the unique shared governance and management partnership between St. Paul's Hospital Board of Directors and the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority, and a deep commitment to the contributions that faith-based healthcare brings to the Regional and provincial healthcare system.