The Gallery

An online gallery of artwork, poetry, and musical pieces created through the Healing Arts Program.

Pursue your dreams with an open heart and open mind.

-Tom Bird, 2017

Once a Farmer

Always a farmer watching the wheat

Growing, growing

Stong, beautiful, and with a lovely hue of green

Little ones growing, growing and growing


The rain comes

The rain goes

Never enough

Always to much

Little ones growing, growing, beautiful and


Now tall, strong, and beautifully gold

that sea of gold with waves stirred by the wind

It is almost time to rest for the winter

then wake up in the spring to push through 


Little ones growing, growing, and growing.

-L. Munn, 2016

Inspiration and Imagination 

- Patient Dane in the Healing Arts Studio at St. Paul's Hospital 

- Poetry at the patient's bedside, with SPH Writer-In-Residence Kristine Scarrow

Creative and Collaborative


- Family member Grace working on a collaborative artwork with other patients and community members. 

Healing Arts Program Volunteers

- Julia and Azia paint and sing with patients in art studio.

- Volunteer artist Heidi.

Arts-Based Creative Community Outreach

- Celebrating 8 years of connection with Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-Op.

Music Jam Session 

- Jammin' on the fifth floor with patients, family and community.

- Music Therapist Lisa Wutch

Community Mural SPH Blueprint of Life 

- Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-Op, Saskatoon Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon,
Toronto Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon, patients, staff and community.