St. Paul's Hospital

A community of health, hope and compassion for all. 

St. Paul's Hospital is an acute care teaching and applied research Hospital delivering compassionate and holistic care to the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

Owned by Emmanuel Health, St. Paul's Hospital is a Catholic Hospital with a rich history that was founded in 1907 by the Grey Nuns.

In 1996, St. Paul's became the first independently affiliated Hospital in Canada to manage health services in tandem with a regional authority. This partnership continues today as the Saskatchewan Health Authority and St. Paul's Hospital work in harmony to deliver services to people within our communities. 

St. Paul's Hospital Managed Programs

Through our unique partnership with Saskatchewan Health Authority, St. Paul’s Hospital is responsible for the governance and management of the following core programs in the region:
Chronic Disease Management
Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Emergency and Air Ambulance
Kidney Health and Provincial Transplant
Mental Health and Addictions
Palliative and Hospice Care
Spiritual Care

Saskatchewan Health Authority Managed Programs

Saskatchewan Health Authority manages all other programs and services offered at St. Paul’s Hospital. For more information, visit Saskatoon Health Region 

Mission Office

Inspired by the example of the foundress of the Grey Nuns, Saint Marguerite d’Youville, leadership in the tradition of Catholic health care is provided by St. Paul’s Hospital’s Mission Office, encouraging employees to share in the call to reveal the goodness and love of the creator God for all people. Through the Mission Office’s Healing Arts Program, the creative arts are used to enhance the well-being of patients, families, caregivers and the community. For more information, visit Mission Office

Showing Your Gratitude to St. Paul’s Hospital

If you would like to support St. Paul's Hospital, donate online now, or contact St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation to learn more. Give Generously.